James Adams
Credentials: ICS 100,200,700,

Chris Austin - Handler
CALLOUT: Desha County SAR 870 692 9254
Tillar, AR
Joined 2007
Credentials: Firefighter, EMT-B, IS 100/200/700, Arson Detection, Hospital Based Decontamination, Evacuation Coordinator, Hazmat Awareness, CSEPP First Responder, ACTFAST,Police Officer,

Greg Barnes
Credentials:Firefighter,SAR Tech III class,IS 100,200

Vaughn Barnes
Credentials:Fire Chief,Sar Tech III class, NIMS 100,200,275,300,400,700,800  (TTT)  Emergency Response to Terrorism, Strategy and Tactics for Intial Company Operations, Meth Lab Awareness, Confined Space/High Angle Rescue, Boat School, First Responder,Boater Safety Course
S-205(Urban Interface Operations)

Michael Bates Chaplain
Credentials:CERT Inst.,Hunter Ed. Inst.,Sar TechIII,Firefighter,EMT-B,IS 100,200,800,CTO,MOD 3 Inst.,Boater Ed. Inst.

Dennis Blankenship
Credentials:  Firefighter,CTO, AR. Fire Academy Adjunct, IS100,200,300,400,700,800,HAZ MAT OPS,First Responder,

Douglas Blankenship
Credentials:  Firefighter,IS100.200,300

Fara Bottoms
Credentials: IS 100,200,300,700,NREMT-B

Johnathan Bradford
Credentials: Firefighter, HAZ-MAT,Storm Spotter,NIMS 100,200

Keith Bush Jr.
Credentials: Police Officer, Firefighter, Soldier, ICS 100,200,700,800,Combat Life Saver, Hazmat

James Callaway
Credentials: Firefighter

Stacy Cantrell
Credentials: Firefighter, ICS 100,200,700,800, First Responder, HAZMAT Awarness, Certified Officer

Buck Champ
Credentials: Firefighter, NREMT-B, IS 100,200,700,HAM Operator

Danny Chance
Credentials: NREMT-B IS 100,200,700

Cameron Chapman - CEO/President
CALLOUT: Desha County SAR 870 818 8140
Tillar, AR
Joined 2007
K-9: SADIE (Mantrailing)
Credentials: AR First,Second,Third Annual SAR Dog Seminar, Fire Chief/Paramedic, NIMS 01,10,11,100,200,300,700,800,706,775,809,805,005,100HC,007,15A,394,08,03,100A,AKC Evaluator, Storm Spotter, Ar. Fire Academy Cetified Training Officer CTO, Arson Detection, Emergency Negotiator, SAR Tech III, IS  235,240,241,242,244,275,546,703a, MLPI ,HAZ MAT OPS,Blood Borne Pathogens,Scuba Diver

Nancy Chapman-Secretary
Callout: Desha County SAR 870 377 1222
Joined 2007
Credentials: AR. SAR Dog Seminar, NIMS 100,200,700

Josh Cingolani
Credentials:Firefighter,HAZMAT OPS,IS100,200,Sar TEch III class,Officer

Scott Coburn
Credentials: CPR/First Aid,Weather Spotter

Damond Coffey
Credentials:Firefighter, HAZMAT

John Cowen

Johnathan Cowen
Credentials:  Firefighter,ICS 100,200,700,800, Backhoe/Dozer

Bradley Day
Credentials: Firefighter,CERT

Aaron Dillard

Robbie Doherty

Stephen Dumas
Credentials: Firefighter,CPR/first aid

Joe Faulkner
Credentials: Firefighter,CPR/first aid

James Hampton
Credentials: Firefighter,CPR/First Aidf,ICS,Haz Mat I

Tristan Head
Credentials:Firefighter, HAZMAT,

Miles Henley
Credentials: Firefighter,ICS 100,200

Michael Hollis
Credentials: Firefighter,Weather spotter, NREMT-B, Diver,ICS 100,200, Amateur radio operator

Randy Hunt
Credentials: Firefighter

Scott Gilbreth
Credentials:  SCUBA Diver,Firefighter

Gary Gill
Credentials: Paramedic/SCUBA Diver

Josh Godfrey

Brenda Goggans
Credentials: EMT-B, IS 100,200,300,400

Brad Gray
Credentials: First Responder, CPR

Jason Groves
Credentials: Firefighter,HAZMAT OPS

Kris Johnson
Credentials:  Firefighter, NREMT-P,Deputy Coroner,LPN,HAZ-MAT OPS,IS 100,200,300,400,700

Trey Johnson Ground Search Operations Chief
Credentials:  Firefighter,NREMT-B,IS 100,200,300,400,700,703a,800,805,809,CERT Instructor,HAZ-MAT,MLPI,Sartech III class,Diver, Eagle Scout, Scout Insructor

Terry Kelley
Credentials: Firefighter,HAZ-MAT,NIMS

Truit Key
Credentials:CPR, Climbing Rapelling facilitator,BSA Lifeguard

Charles Lacaze

Robby Litton Firefighter,
Credentials:HAZ-MAT OPS, ESART

Donald Martin

Sessely McCarty
Credentials:  SAR TECH III, CPR/FIRST AID,Criminal Justice Background

Tim Menapace
Credentials: Sar tech III, ICS 100,200,700,800,CERT,HAZ MAT OPS,Fire Instuctor,High angle recue, Eagle Scout,Industrial HAZ MAT TECH,Knot Instuctor

Crystal Merrit
Credentails: Firefighter,ICS 100,200,300,400,700,CNA

David Mills
Credentials:Firefighter, HAZMAT OPS, First Aid(ABCDE),IS 100,200,700

Logan Moore

Mike Morgan/Board Member
Credentials: OEM Coordinator,Firefighter,HAZ-MAT Instructor,Reserve Officer, Adjunct AFA, ICS 100,200,300,400,800,HAZ-MAT TECH,

Terry Nichols
Credentials:Firefighter,HAZ-MAT, Storm Spotter, OES, NIMS

Paul Oswalt
Credentials: Firefighter,HAZMAT OPS, BOAT SCHOOL

Charles Patterson
Credentials: Firefighter,Corrections Officer

Sherri Reggans

Michael Reynolds
Credentials:Firefighter,Boat Instructor,Boat School,Amateur Radio License,IS 100,200,700,800,CERT,Hoisting,Storm Spotter, Burn Care, Pipeline Awarness,Scuba Diver

Beth Robertson
Credentials:Firefighter,CTO,IS 100,200,300,400,700,800,HAZMAT OPS,CERT

Kenneth Robertson Jr.
Credentials:Firefighter,CTO,IS 100,200,300,400,700,800

Michael Rowe
Credentials: Firefighter I &II, AFA Instructor,EMT-I,law officer, ICS100,200,700, Rescue Diver, HAZMAT OPS,High angle &confined space Tech,K-9 handler

Ronald Scarborough
Credentials: Firefighter, Chicot CO. OEM, CTO,First responder, HAZ-MAT 1&2,

Kevin Shaw
Credentials:Firefighter,First Responder,CRFO,HMO,MAFF,HAZMAT,FADO,IC,MFR,FFI,WFOI,ICS

Jazmine Skender
Credentials: ICS 100,200,700,CPR

Colton Snow
Credentails: Firefighter, EMT-B
Ovid Switzer
Credentials:Deputy,K-9 Handler

Keith Taylor
Credentials:Firefighter,Storm Spotter,IS 100,200

Ronnie Terrell
Credentails: Firefighter,NREMT-B

Ricky Terry Board Member/Treasurer
Credentials:  OEM Coordinator,Firefighter,NREMT-P

Cameron Thomas
Credentials: HazMat Awa.,ICS,First Aid/CPR, OEM

Doug Weatherford
Credentials:  Firefighter,CTO,HAZ-MAT OPS,IS100,200,300,400,700,800,Instrcutor,First Responder

Paul Weatherford
Credentials: Lifeguard,Boyscout(first aid,emergency prepardness,swimming,orienteering)

Nathan Westerman
Credentials:  Firefighter,IS100,200

Steve Whaley
Credentials:  Firefighter,IS 100,200,300,400,700,Scuba Diver

Geoff Wright
Credentials: SAR Tech III,  EMT

Aleta Young

List is not complete  IN PROGRESS.